Yvonne Timoianu Concert Cellist and Duo de Salzburg

Yvonne Timoianu, Concert Cellist

'Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe' (Lao Tse)


Fotogallery Duo de Salzburg


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Yvonne Timoianu

Yvonne Timoianu with Pope Benedict XVI

Yvonne Timoianu


Alexander Preda

Alexander Preda with Arthur Rubinstein

Duo de Salzburg 

Duo de Salzburg in ....

Duo de Salzburg

Alexander and Yvonne

Yvonne & Alexander in Harare

Alexander and Yvonne

Oistrakh Family, Lovet, Leskowitz,Timoianu

I.Oistrakh, Y.Timoianu, N.Zertzalova-V.Oistrakh

 Yvonne Timoianu, Concert Cellist makes her Cello 'sing' as a soloist and together with Alexander Preda, Piano, she founded the Duo de Salzburg, an internationally noted music-partnership. Over 1.000 much acclaimed performances all over the world and enthusiastic international press-reviews.
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