Duo de Salzburg with Yvonne Timoianu Cellist and Alexander Preda piano


Yvonne Timoianu, Violoncello and Alexander Preda, Piano

'Music fills the Infinite between two souls'   (Rabindranath Tagore)

'Inside yourself must burn, that what you want to inflame in others'. (Augustinus)

distinguished herself in several international competitions, receiving, among others the

  • Special State Award of the Austrian Ministry of Culture,
  • the First Prize of the International Cello Competition "Luis Sigall" in Vina del mar (Chile 1986)
  • and the first Prize and Gold Medal of the UNISA International String Competion of Pretoria, South Africa (1988)

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formed by Yvonne Timoianu, Cello and Alexander Preda, Piano, this ensemble is considered to be highly representative for the distinctive musical traditions of the City of Mozart.

A lively artistic career counting over 1.500 recitals and concerts brought worldwide recognition of the most demanding specialized critique:

  • „Passionate and almost incandescent,
  • ..music came to a glowing life..

The name "Duo de Salzburg" was first applied in 1985. Since then the Duo has given more than 1.000 recitals and concerts in most of the European countries, North and South America and the Orient.

Their presence in prestigious international music festivals such as

  • "Pablo Casals" at Vendrell,
  • Ayamonte and Palma de Mallorca (Spain),
  • "Semanas Musicales de Frutillar" (Chile),
  • "Noord Holland Festival" (Netherlands),
  • Festival de Wallonie and Flanders Festival (Belgium),
  • "Luxemburg, Musikhauptsstadt Europas 1995",
  • Festivals of Quito (Ecuador), Stellenbosch (South Africa), Panama, Mexico City, Rome, Seoul and others characterize a rich and complex concert career.

Several TV and CD recordings together with a large number of radio interviews as well as two documentary films (the most recent "A cello sings…" realized in Salzburg) - reflect their intense concert activities.

Recordings: Brahms, Cello Sonatas Op.38. Op.78 and Op.99 (Sony, P115.1108Y) ; Schubert & Onslow (Preiser Records PR 90541); "Le Grand Tango" (Preiser Records PR 90599), "A Feast for Chopin, 2010",etc.

Given their active involvement in contemporary music, Timoianu and Preda perform, in addition to the extended classical repertoire, a number of works that were dedicated to them. Most recent one is the memorable Henri POUSSEUR‘s last work for cello and piano „Petit Mausolée pour George Enescu“, 2005.

A considerable part of the Duo‘s discography is based on „live“ concert recordings. One reason for this fact could be found in philosopher Emil Cioran‘s words:

„Music is nothing but vibrating TIME“

was the winner of various national and international competitions, among others,

  • the piano contest "Week of the Rumanian Music" 1974,
  • the Dinu Lipatti Prize and
  • the George Enescu special bursary from the Academy of Bucharest.
  • In 1976, Alexander Preda won Fourth Prize in the J.S.Bach - International Piano Competition in Leipzig and
  • one year later the Bronze Medal of the prestigious "Arthur Rubinstein Piano Master Competition" in Jerusalem

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Duo de Salzburg with Yvonne Timoianu Concert Cellist and Alexander Preda Piano from Salzburg build a world-wide known music-partnership. Over 1.000 performances in Europe, Asia, the Americas and South-Africa. 
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